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Student Information

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Parent(s) or Guardian Name
Student Age:
Zip Code
Home or Primary Phone
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I am applying for Financial Aid.If yes, you will need to fill out the application here.


Fusion offers discounts to families that have multiple students enrolling or students who are enrolling in two or more classes. Discounts will also apply if you attend a sponsoring church.

Please check all that apply to receive a discount:

Registration Policies

  • Registration, non-refundable fee: $20 (Includes binder, planning center online, printed materials, and 2 recital tickets)
  • Group lessons: $240/12 weeks
  • Each group class is held once a week for 50 minutes
  • Members of a sponsoring church qualify for a discount
  • The entire semester can be paid in advance, or payments can be made as follows:
    • $20 (registration fee) due First Day of Class
    • $80 due First Day of Class
    • $80 due February 27
    • $80 due April 3

Please check each box agreeing with our guidelines and cancellation policies (if under 18 yrs, parent or guardian please check):

Instructors are not required to schedule make-up classes for lessons missed by individual students.
Classes with zero enrollment after the first week will be cancelled.
Fusion is not responsible for any damaged or lost instruments, tuners, computers, instrument cases, or any other personal items.
Additional recital tickets are available for purchase for $5 in the office before the recital. Students and children under 10 are free.
I give permission to Fusion School of Music to use mine or my child’s picture and/or video clips in promotional materials.
I give permission to Fusion School of Music to send me e-mails regarding information about the semester.
Classes with only one student during the first week will be cancelled. Fusion will assist in finding a similar class at a convenient time for you.
Classes with students at different levels or classes with less than three students enrolled after Week Two may be asked to split into individual 20 minute semi-private lessons. This will give each student one-on-one time with the teacher while still being within their class hour and at the same group rate. Otherwise, we would not be able to run the class or provide financial aid to needed students.
Deadline to drop/change classes for students is during Week Two. If a class is dropped, the student will be refunded their remaining pre-paid portion of the session for that class. Students dropping from a class after Week Two will not be refunded any of their remaining balance.

Behavior Covenant

Parents, please have your child look over each of these requirements. We desire to see each student grow as musicians during their time at Fusion and these behavioral requirements will ensure that your child receives the proper training from our instructors.

All students please check each box:

I commit to treating my instructors and other staff with respect.
I commit to treating my classmates as I would like to be treated. I will keep my hands and feet to myself.
I will be quiet when asked to do so.
I commit to respecting the property, the classrooms, and their contents. For example: I will not deface property, use equipment without permission, or enter rooms to which I’m not assigned.
I commit to practice and return to class prepared. Students that repeatedly come to class unprepared may be excused for the remainder of the semester.
Student Name

FSM intends to foster a caring, safe environment for all students to learn and experience music and the creative arts. We expect that the students will be courteous and respectful of the FSM behavior covenant; however, the instructors and staff will advise all students that the consequences of the difficult behavior are as follows:

  1. One warning from instructor
  2. If the behavior continues, the student will be removed from the classroom until he/she chooses to act appropriately
  3. If the behavior continues after being returned to the classroom, the student will be removed from the classroom, with adult supervision, for the remainder of the class. A parent will need to accompany the student to the next class and he/she must re-sign the FSM Behavior Covenant in order to participate.
I have reviewed this covenant with the student and agree to provide parental support for the FSM Behavior Covenant

Student Evaluations

At the conclusion of the semester, students will be mailed a copy of their teacher’s evaluation. This document will inform you of your student’s performance as well as advise on what classes to take in the future.

Class Schedule

If you have taken a class in a previous semester please check your student evaluation form for placement of next class. If you have not taken a class with us before and do not know where you should be placed, feel free to call or e-mail the office with any questions or concerns. (please follow the evaluation your teacher has given you).

Tulare Campus Group ClassesSunrise Community Church, 100 E. Inyo, Tulare, CA 93274
CVC Campus ClassesCentral Valley Christian Middle School, 5600 W. Tulare Ave, Visalia, CA 93277
VCRC Campus ClassesVisalia Christian Reformed Church, 1030 S. Linwood St, Visalia, CA 93277
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