Developing and equipping Christian musicians

Fusion has trained nearly 750 students from about 60 different churches in the last ten years.

Fusion started on May 2nd, 2008 with a fundraiser dinner and a concert at Tulare Community Church. Former and present students of Martìn’s WAM! (worship arts ministry) performed for this event. With the support of Sunrise Community Church and financial help from the community, the vision of Fusion was able to be cast into what the music school is today.

Fusion is a music ministry. We are passionate about music and people! We strive to well prepare our students to play or sing at their local churches, youth groups, small groups, etc.

Martìn Mora’s gifts as a musician, teacher, and leader are well known. Those of us who have worked with Martìn or seen the growth in those who have developed under his instruction have witnessed his uncommon talents first hand. Since he moved to Tulare from Orange County in 2000, Martìn has energetically pursued his call to equip music teams, leaders, and musicians in our area. During that time, he has built a ministry of undeniable success.

This fruitful work built a foundation for a grander vision that the Lord has given Martìn. The next step was to organize a music school that would join teachers and students from the San Joaquin Valley to a setting where the mentorship necessary for worship leading could be taught and learned. This place was named Fusion School of Music, a name that calls to mind the blend of musical styles, cultures, backgrounds, denominations, and opportunities that would be welcomed there”

—Scot Hillman



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